How Janela Bay was started:

Growing up in Southern California made it very difficult to find cute modest swimwear.  I was probably in the water more than on land throughout my childhood and teenage years so I went through swimsuits like crazy.  I finally gave up on shopping for swimsuits and realized if I wanted a certain style I was going to have to get it custom made so I talked my Mom into paying a fortune to get a suit custom made.  They took my measurements, I picked out the fabric and waited and waited.  Finally my new suit arrived and it did NOT fit how I imagined.  I was so disappointed and never wore it because it was so bad.

I then realized I was going to have to take this matter into my own hands. I bought some fluorescent pink swimwear fabric and got out my Mom’s dusty sewing machine.  I found a spaghetti strap undershirt and bottoms that fit me well, traced them onto the fabric, cut up an old sports bra to use the lining and cups and did my best to sew it together.  It actually looked pretty good on the outside and became my favorite suit! I wore it out rather quickly and continued to make suits that same way.

Once I graduated high school I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer so I went to fashion design school for 1 year and took all the required sewing classes but the rest didn’t interest me so I decided to explore my career options.  I ended up getting my degree in Elementary Education because I love teaching and working with kids as well.

Shortly after we were married, my husband and I moved to St George for his schooling and had our first baby here.  While I was home with our little girl and my husband worked long days and went to school as well, I found myself needing a hobby to keep my mind entertained.

I remembered that I loved sewing so I got out my dusty machine and immediately wanted to make swimsuits again.

As I showed the suits to friends and family they all wanted one!! I realized that there is a big need for fashionable modest swimwear that is affordable.  I was determined to find a way to offer this to the public.

I researched a little, learned how to get started, then dove right into the creation of the suits! It has been a TON of work but it is so worth it when I see everyone getting excited over them! So many others have happily stepped in and helped with fittings, modeling, photo shoots, social media, and design ideas.  Janela Bay could not be where it is today if it weren’t for you! So OBRIGADA A TODOS!!

That reminds me, have you ever wondered where the name Janela Bay comes from? Janela is a Portuguese word that means window.  My husband speaks highly of Portugal and lived there for awhile before we met. Janela Bay represents an open window that over looks a beautiful body of water.  Janela Bay’s motto is to Enjoy Life! See the beautiful view and live it!

Janela Bay

Written by Brittany Thomas (Owner of Janela Bay)

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