As the launch date of Janela Bay approaches, we’re hard at work making sure our suits look good and fit well on all body types. When we heard these cute ladies were going on a cruise we sent them with our suits to test them out.

Hear straight from the mouths of our Janela Babes what they thought of the suits.
From left to right:
McKenzie: I was wearing the Midnight Bay top with the Classic Pinstripes bottoms.  I felt AWESOME in this suit! It was very flattering and covered up all the right places 🙂 I liked that the suit was modest but still so fun and cute! My husband loved it! I have baby boobs and the suit helped! I loved that the bottoms went super high to suck my stomach in then the flowy top covered up my stomach.  I felt very comfortable in it and it was very flattering!! LOVED IT!
Mandi: I wore the Bela Babe suit.  It made me feel so skinny! The color is so flattering and made me feel tan.  The peplum adds the extra security so we could go to the buffets as much as we wanted! I love that I ate my weight in food this week and thanks to this suit, you couldn’t even tell! I can’t stress enough how flattering this suit is on! My husband had a love hate relationship with it.  He loved how I looked, but didn’t love all the extra attention from all the 18 year old boys on the cruise. haha The neck line is to die for on this top.  I also love that it’s a halter top.  You can adjust it to fit your body perfectly.  I felt confident and beautiful.  After having two kids there are definitely parts of my body that make me feel insecure.  When I was wearing the suit I completely forgot about any of that and truly felt beautiful.  If a suit can make me feel that way, then give it to me in every color and print!
Jaimee: I loved the comfort and style of the Endless Admiration suit! I’m in that awkward pudgy looking pregnant stage and it hits just right to help cover that up.  The cups made it look like I might actually have something.  I love the print and how comfortable it is.  It had great coverage without sacrificing style.
Erin: I was wearing the Janela Peplum suit and I really liked it! It’s hard for me to find a cute but supportive swim suit, but this was just that! The pattern was bold but flattering and my husband immediately told me he loved it as soon as he saw me in it.  I felt comfortable walking around the pool and swimming.  I also liked how the bottoms sucked me in just enough where it was still comfortable but I didn’t have to suck in 🙂

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