Janela Bay FAQs

Janela Bay Frequently Asked Questions We have decided to do a quick Frequently Asked Questions post to answer the questions you guys ask pretty regularly! This way the answers will all be in the same place. How do I care for my suit to make it last a long time? There...

Swimsuits You Need This Summer

ONE PIECE SWIMSUITS YOU NEED Today on our blog, we want to highlight a few of our most popular One Piece Swimsuits. These swimmers are perfect for sunbathing at the beach, swimming at the pool or just soaking in the hot tub. Each of these suits is an eye catcher and...

What to Pack for a Cruise

WHAT TO PACK FOR Deciding what to pack for a cruise may be the hardest part of the entire vacation! You've got to decide whether or not to pack seven days of swimwear or seven days of regular clothes. Or just to be safe, seven days of BOTH. (That's what we do... We...


Buying a swimsuit can be intimidating. It's hard to know which suit to get, if the suit will make you feel confident in your own skin, and after you buy your new swimmer, it's hard to know how to care for your suit so it will last you throughout the entire summer!...

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