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Written by Janela Bay Team


Posted on May 11 2016

Our suits were about to be featured on Utah's Channel 2 Fresh Living and they asked us to send them some pictures within the next week so they could broadcast them on the day of our segment.  Oh No! I thought... I don't have any pictures that are TV worthy! So I quickly contacted KirstenTyrelPhoto on Instagram and she had me send her some suits for the models to wear.  She quickly put together a photoshoot, including finding models, and took the most AMAZING photos with such short notice! NOW THAT SHOWS TRUE TALENT! When I got the pictures back the next day I was in Awe of how Perfect they were! Seriously they were even better than I had imagined! If you want a nice photoshoot done on the Southern California Beaches, She's your girl! I will for sure be using her as our photographer for all our beach shots! Check out some of the pictures she took for our TV segment on KUTV.



THANK YOU KIRSTEN TYREL FOR SAVING THE DAY! I look forward to working with you more! 

Also go check our her MarvelousMomsClub on Instagram as well! You will love following her! She is a woman of many talents! 



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